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Titanium CNC Turning

Machining titanium has several advantages than other materials. Titanium machined parts are for their weight, high strength and corrosion resistance against salt and water. Thereofre, in many industries and applications titanium parts are selected in priority.

Sunrise Industrial offers you a wide range of titanium CNC presicion turning parts, we are committed to machine quality titanium parts with our best ability, customers trust Sunrise Industrial to recognize and solve challenges to increase machining speed and cut the costs. Your support is the greatest power for us.

                Titanium parts          Titanium Turning Parts

                                                Titanium Turning parts                                                                             Titanium Turning parts

Quality Titanium Turning parts

CNC turning three catagories: 2 Axis Turning; Multi Axis Turning; CNC turning-milling Center.

Machines either the simple or high precision and smaller sizes titanium components with high production capacity and lower cost, each turned component owes to contribution of skillful knowlegeable CNC turning professionals.

Sunrise Industrial can customize and manufacture any titanium parts to fit your requests.

For on-time delivery assurance to all, Sunrise Industrial can recommend the specific titanium or titanium alloys it will machine most cost effective for your needs.

Titanium bolts

Machined Titanium bolts and nuts

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