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Quality Control

Our experience in titanium business is made possible by our knowledgeable professionals, we understand well our future depend on keeping the customer satisfied, at the meanwhile, honesty and integrity are an integral part of the way we should do.

We are continuously improving our machining processes and enhance quality of titanium parts under the efforts and support of all employees, completing fault-free products performance, check and re-check at every stage.

Titanium Machining Parts

Focusing on machining of prosthetic components and titanium parts to meeting the requirements, the process to control the metrics, ensure Sunrise Industrial machined titanium parts quality is maintained and further improved with minus or zero fault.Creating the environment in which employees and management strive for perfect.Customers benefit from the quality of our machined titanium parts.We believe to be a most reliable, trustiness and reassuring quality products.

Titanium Rods

Titanium rods, as the top priority materials for our CNC,machining raw material, Sunrise Industrial starts to produce the titanium rods to ensure the purity of the materials.each batch of the materials are tested strictly for chemical composition, mechanical properties, internal crack check, granulations check, etc. All these ensure the machined parts perform excellence  anywhere with the years experiences in this field.

titanium rods inspection

Brief list of main inspection equipment and tools

<<        Daisy 8106 bridge coordinate measuring machine 

<<        Metal crack measurement instrument

<<        Metal granulations analysis device

<<        Hardness tester

<<        Digital height indicators 

<<        Vernier caliper, Ring gauge, Plug gauge,

            thread gauge, standard gauge, Micrometer

            with counter, external micrometer, tube

            micro meter, universal bevel protractor, etc.


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CE Certification

ISO14001:2015 (under proceeding)