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Where To Buy A High Quality Prosthetic Components?
- Jan 24, 2019 -

Our Sunrise is for two fields business, one is for titanium rods production, another is for the processing of titanium parts with machining equipment, especially for prosthetic components.


Every month, Sunrise’ regular orders from several of distributors stably in the worldwide are tube clamp adapters, rotating receivers, 4 ear adapters, pyramid receivers, 4 hole adapters, double adapters, sach foot adapters…etc.


High quality prosthetic components are from:

1). We make titanium rods by ourselves, and we could make sure the inside quality of titanium, also our own titanium rods are used for production of these components by ourselves could make the price of the products to be lower than others.

2). All of our production for all procedures are made by CNC machines, all automatically.

3). Quick delivery periods, normally, for the products of amount within 500pcs, we take around 2 weeks’ time for delivery.

4). All of the products are machining products to make sure the exact size of the products, not casting products, as casting products are rough surface and rough dimensions, etc.


All of the production are either as per the drawings from the customer or as per the samples from the customer.


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