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Gr5 Titanium Properties
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Gr5 titanium properties

Sunrise Industrial makes Gr5 titanium rods and titanium machining parts to customers for different industries since 1999. As a most popular titanium alloy, Gr5 titanium it is called as "TC4", Ti-6Al-4V generally, it has more properties for all to prefer to use it.

Gr5 titanium rods

1. Low density with high strength.

Its density is 4.51g/cm3, higher than aluminum, but lower than steel, copper, nickel.

2. Corrosion resistance

Titanium is a kind of lively metal, and it is quite stable in many media, it is resistance to corrosion in media such as oxidizing, neutral, and weakly reducing.

3. Heat resistance 

Titanium alloy could be used for long term 600CO, or more higher temperature.

4. Good performance for low temperature

5. Non-magnetic, Non-toxic

Titanium is non-magnetic metal, it can't be magnetized by in large magnetic area.

Titanium is also non-toxic metal, it has excellent compacibility human tissues and blood, therefore, titanium is used in medical field.

6. Similar figures of the tensile and yield strength.

7. Good heat transfer performance

Titanium thermal conductivity is lower than carbon steel and copper, because of the excellent corrosion resistance, its wall thickness can be reduced greatly, the heat transfer performance of titanium improves lot.

8. Low modulus elasticity

Titanium modulus elasticity is 106.4GPa at room temperature, which is 57% of steel.

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