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Centerless Grinding machines

titanium barsSunrise Industrial starts from titanium materials originally, for centerless grinding service,we provide a complete range of centerless grinding, polishing, and straightening services for titanium round rods to customers.  The rods are finsihed with centerless grinders, they perform excellently to ground the titanium rods. And our production is monitored and documented accordingly.

We perform work of the highest quality and are in full compliance with the standards and requests of customers.

Our attention to details and dedication to satisfy customers' needs help us to take on programs that often asked for quick delivery, as well as arrange production volumes from small to large quantities.

Normally, Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7,Gr9 titanium rods are stock available for various sizes.

To learn more about centerless ground and polished titanium rods, contact us

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